The Exclusive Custom Shop

LIVE is the exclusive pass into the shop along with special offers, services and even pro support.

What does LIVE have to offer you?

  • Exclusive design rights
  • Limited annual access to Custom Shop services
  • The Library guitar check out program
  • Pre-release access to new products
  • Access to LIVE exclusive products such as instruments, merchandise and more
  • Major catalog discounts and special sales
  • Pro support for our products anywhere in the continental United States
  • Member meet & greets

LIVE Support

The Exclusive Custom Shop Support

The others offer a warranty,

we offer LIVE Support.

What is LIVE Support?

We are the ONLY guitar manufacture to offer LIVE Support on it's custom and catalog products. Live Support is a full service, fully independent mobile guitar shop that works along with your tech or as your tech to tailor the optimal performance of your investment.

The Library

The Exclusive Guitar Check Out Program

What The Library?

It is exactly what you think, plus more. All Live members can check out a wide variety of house guitars, with no time limitations. Recuring memberships offer unlimited late model guitars shipped or delivered to your door with yout annually dues. The contents of the library will consist of nine 2022 Damon Matthew Guitars of all models and many options, Pro Modified Designs resto-mods and other pre owned trade in inventory.

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